Body Treatments/Facials


Pumpkin Spice or Cranberry Scrub and Massage:

This body treatment starts with a scrub that is packed with layers of skin-brightening mineral salts and the body buffer gives an invigorating sensation.  Awaken your skin while it lifts your senses to leave your entire body glowing, healthy and vibrant. Then it is followed up with a hydrating massage using a special blend of Pumpkin Spice or Caranberry butter cream to refine and nourish skin leaving it wonderfully shiny and smooth.  Enjoy the application of moist Green tea bags to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.  Ahhh....          

$120/ 75 Minutes

*Add a relaxing skin hydrating wrap for an additional $25 (Treatment time is 90 minutes)

Champagne and Rose Butter Scrub and Massage:

Your skin will be glowing after this gentle exfoliation followed by an ultimate hydrating butter creme treatment for the entire body.  With 20% Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, vitamins A, C & D and natural food grade preservatives, you will love how your skin feels.  Release your tension  and melt away your stress during the therapeutic massage.  Enjoy the application of moist tea bags to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. 

$120/ 75 Minutes

*Add a refreshing skin hydrating wrap for an additional $25 (Treatment time is 90 minutes)

Chocolate Indulgence Scrub and Massage:

The scent of chocolate triggers the release of chemicals in the brain that produce a similar feeling as when one first falls in love. In addition to being a sensory indulgence, chocolate contains over 300 different compounds some of which can have a significant impact on one's health and beauty. Theobromine, a substance very similar to caffeine produces a slimming effect on the body; (magnesium, potassium and calcium) have a calming effect, therefore reducing stress; and polyphenols, antioxidants that thwart free radicals which are responsible for cell aging. Imagine all of these benefits derived from the pleasures of chocolate.  Renew your body with this gentle exfoliation treatment and hydrating therapeutic massage.  Enjoy the application of moist tea bags to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. 

$120/75 Minutes

*Add a body slimming chocolate mousse mask/wrap for an additional $25 (Treatment time is 90 minutes)

Aromatherapy Scrub, Wrap and Massage:

This body treatment uses a combination of essential oils and sea salts to revitalize your body and soul.  Refresh your beauty with active botanicals of Wheat Germ & Shea Butter Glycerides, Burdock, Watercress, and Echinacea.  The Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap leaves an intense hydration on the skin, enhancing defenses and soothing even the most sensitive skin.  It is followed by a sensational aromatherapy massage to help ease what ails you.  Choose from relaxing lavender and chamomile, refreshing citrus or a blend recommended by your therapist.  Enjoy the application of moist tea bags to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.  Pure bliss!

$145/ 90 Minutes

Peppermint Sea Twist Body Wrap:

This body wrap is an aromatic body shaping treatment combining peppermint oil with fresh marine seaweed to stimulate, rejuvenate and invigorate.  Circulation is improved as the treatment helps detoxify and rid the body of unwanted toxins while the skin is nourished.  This treatment is great for sore aching muscles and water retention.

$100/ 60 Minutes


European Facial: 

The basic, essential facial including skin analysis, steaming, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and a rejuvenating mask.  While your face and your senses are awakened, you will receive a face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands massage leaving you feeling ultimately renewed.

$70/ 50 minutes

Signature Facial:

This customized facial is designed to rejuvenate your skin and refresh your beauty.  Our trained and experienced professional will discuss what options are best for you and your skin type.  This facial includes an eye, lip and hand treatment.  Relax, enjoy and beautify!

$90/ 50 minutes

Vitamin C Facial:

A super hydrating and soothing facial for all skin types.  It is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate your beauty.

$80/ 50 minutes

Pumkin Spice or Cranberry facial:                                                

Indulge in the scents of the season during this araomatic facial.  This facial includes skin analysis, steaming, deep pore cleansing exfoliation and a rejuvenating mask.  Followed by a soothing massage on the face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands with the delicious Pumpkin Spice or Cranberry butter cream.

$85/ 50 minutes

Gentleman’s Facial:

This hydrating treatment leaves skin well conditioned and refreshed especially with sensitive skin affected by daily shaving and sun exposure.

$70/ 50 minutes

Anti-Aging Firming Facial: 

This facial is designed for mature and/or damaged skin to help awaken the face and hydrate fully leaving the skin feeling and looking clean, bright and younger.

$85/ 50 minutes

Acne Facial Treatment:

Provides deep pore cleansing, purifies and assists in the removal impurities to control existing breakouts while preventing new ones from forming.  Leaving skin with renewed freshness and purity.

$85/ 50 minutes

Manual Dermabrasion Facial*:

A gentle and effective way to smooth the epidermis and nourish the skin.  Improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, surface scarring and sun damages.  Results visible after one treatment.

$95/ 50 minutes

Pinot-Peel Facial*:

Glycolic, lactic and pyruvic acids combine to hydrate, exfoliate and anti-oxidize the skin.  Pinot- Peel removes dead skin cells, reduces fine lines and wrinkles.  Improves texture evening out skintone and helps to fade aging spots.

$95/ 50 minutes

*Combine Manuel Dermabrasion and Pinot Peel for a deeper peel for a total price of $110.

Mini Facial:

A shortened version of our European Facial.  This is perfect for the person on the go.

$40/ 30 minutes

Customized Facial:

Our trained professional will analyze your skin and determine what fits best for your needs.

$65 and up

Add a scalp massage for $10.

Add scrub to any facial for $15.


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